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A step by step guide to applying

Are you curious about what's involved in renting a home with us? We want to make sure you know the ins and outs of the application process, including costs, time frame and how you get the ball rolling.

We've broken it down into six easy steps:

  • Step 1: Register

    The first step is to register your details on our website. You'll then have the option to save a shortlist of your favorite properties, book viewings and request any additional information. To register all you need to do is provide us with your name, email address and a secure password.

  • Step 2: Book a viewing

    Once you have registered and found a home you like, you can book a viewing online. One of our friendly team will get in touch to confirm your appointment.

  • Step 3: Start the application process

    If you decide this property is the one for you, then let your property negotiator know as soon as possible.

    They will ask you to submit one photo I.D. (primary) for proof of identity, and one document which shows your address and is less than three months old (secondary) for proof of residency.

    These can be:

    Primary ID

    • Full Valid Passport
    • Driving License (with photo ID)

    Secondary ID

    • Original utility bill or original council tax bill
    • Original bank statement for current account

    Your property negotiator will also email you a link to start the application process online.

  • Step 4: Complete the online form and pay the pre-tenancy funds

    Once you’ve chosen your home with your property negotiator, you'll need to click the link they send you and pay the £350 pre-tenancy funds* online to reserve the property. Until you've completed these two steps, the property will remain available to others. The pre-tenancy funds will be taken off your first rent payment.

    Please note that the pre-tenancy funds are non-refundable if your identity or referencing checks (see step 5 below) are not completed within 5 working days of payment, if they prove unsatisfactory or you withdraw your application before completion.

    Once we receive your pre-tenancy funds and proof of identity, we'll start processing your application. Your property negotiator will agree a move-in date with you.

  • Step 5: Independent referencing

    It's important that anyone living in a Folio London property is able to pay the deposit and rent. We work with an independent referencing company that carries out affordability ratings and credit checks on anyone applying to rent one of our homes. Their checks also include references from your current employer and previous landlords.

    Once you have paid the pre-tenancy funds (step 4 above), our referencing agency will contact you. You must give all required information to the agency so that the references/checks can be completed within 5 working days.

    If you feel there may be any issues with your credit rating, please get in touch to discuss this with us before you apply for a property.

    In certain circumstances (e.g. if you do not meet our affordability criteria) we may ask you to provide a guarantor. This person will be added to the tenancy agreement and will be liable for paying rent and all other charges due if you cannot pay..

    Your guarantor must:

    • be a homeowner in England or Wales
    • be in full time employment and meet the affordability ratio (i.e. their annual salary = the annual rent x 2.5)
    • have no adverse credit history
  • Step 6: Rent in advance and deposit

    Rent in advance:

    Once the referencing and identity checks are successfully completed, you'll need to pay your rent in advance online.

    If your tenancy begins between and including 1st and 14th of the month, you'll need to pay rent in advance for the number of days remaining in that month.


    Tenancy start date - 12 June

    Number of days in month:


    Number of tenancy days:

    (12 June to 30 June) = 19

    Daily rent:

    Weekly rent x 52 (weeks) / 365 (days)

    Rent in advance:

    Daily rent x number of tenancy days

    If your tenancy begins between and including 15th and the end of the month, you'll need to pay rent in advance for the number of days remaining in that month as well as the whole of the next month:


    Tenancy start date - 20th June

    Number of days in month:

    June = 30, July = 31

    Number of tenancy days:

    (20th June to 30th June) + (1st July to 31st July) = 42

    Daily rent:

    Weekly rent x 52 (weeks) / 365 (days)

    Rent in advance:

    Daily rent x Number of tenancy days

    Because you'll have already paid the pre-tenancy funds, £350 is deducted from this initial rent payment.

    After this first payment, you'll need to pay your rent by standing order (unless agreed otherwise). We should receive it by the date stated in your tenancy agreement so please set up your standing order three days before the rent is due so that funds have time to clear.

    The rent advertised does not include any additional services such as council tax, water rates or utilities,or any other subscription service so don't forget to budget for these too.


    Once you sign your tenancy agreement with us, you'll need to pay a deposit of six weeks' rent (weekly rent x 6). This will be held by the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS), a government-approved third party which makes sure that tenants receive their deposit back when they are entitled to.. Your tenancy agreement will outline the process and conditions for deposit return. that your deposit to be returned.

    Where your rent goes:

    The rent you pay covers our day-to-day tenant service and maintenance of our homes. It is also put back into our business so we can support not-for-profit areas of Notting Hill Housing.


If you have any questions about registering or applying to rent a home with us, please get in touch. We're here to guide you in your search for a new home.

* We reserve the right to update the amount we charge in pre-tenancy funds from time to time. Please do check the website regularly or contact us if you have any questions.