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Whatever your style of living, we've got a home to suit you. We offer a wide range of flats, houses and townhouses across the Capital, whether you want to be in the heart of the city, close to some of London's biggest attractions, or in the suburbs, surrounded by greenery and the countryside.

Folio London is in the process of building a large number of new homes around London. If you would like to register to hear about our new homes, please email your contact details and email address to hello@foliolondon.co.uk.

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Featured Developments

  • Porters Edge at Water Yards

    Porters Edge at Water Yards

     Life at Porter’s Edge comes with no compromise. This is a place that has it all; a calm natural environment, inspiring views of the water, a bustling neighborhood and brilliant connections to the heart of London. 

    V1 Albion Channel.jpg
    0207_ProjectLight_Bathroom_Final.jpg (1)
    V1 Surrey Quays Rd2.jpg
    Chobham Farm

    Chobham Farm

    The Chobham Farm site (aka New Garden Quarter) is boosting regeneration in the area, and will become an international destination for living, working, shopping and entertainment.

    Chobham Farm CGI.JPG