How to keep your flat clean and tidy all year round with minimal effort!

Posted by Folio London on 01 January 2018

Keeping your home clean and tidy can create a positive allusion of spaciousness and airiness. As it is the New Year and a time for resolutions, we have put together 5 simple tips to help you keep your flat clean and tidy, without exerting too much energy.

  1. De-clutter! This is rule number one. Throw out or donate anything you don't need and put away anything that does not have a decorative appeal. Open spaces appear more clean and are easier to maintain. Having less clutter means you will be more organised and you will have less dust.

  2. Clean for five minutes a day. If you spend small bursts of time cleaning, the process will become less of a chore. How can you do this? We suggest you straighten the kitchen during the TV commercial break and de-clutter your tables by throwing out any unwanted mail or trash the minute you walk in the door.

  3. Make cleaning second nature. This point is similar to the above and also results in less time dedicated purely to cleaning. Making cleaning your second nature involves tidying things in your immediate vicinity without paying particular attention to the task of cleaning. To do this, you can tidy the kitchen sink whilst brushing your teeth, or wipe down the bench whilst waiting for your tea to brew.

  4. Storage solutions! Keeping tidy is much easier when everything belongs in a place. Invest in some good quality storage solutions - whether it is extra jars for the food cupboard or another chest of drawers to keep all of your loose knick knacks.

  5. The final tip is our favourite one! Everyone understands that cleaning the kitchen after you have sat down to enjoy a delicious, filling meal is not appealing at all. The best solution to avoid this is to wash while you cook! It's far harder to clean the dishes once the dirt has had time to solidify AND you can relax after your meal. When you're cooking, there is usually a lot of time spent waiting around - waiting for water to boil and for food to heat up. Use this time wisely to clean the dishes that you have already used.
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