Home, sweet home: how to put your stamp on a rental property

Posted by Folio London on 24 August 2017

Even though a rental property may not be your home forever, while living there you will want to make it feel like home. At Folio London, we offer tenancies of up to three years, which is a long time to live somewhere without putting your own stamp on it!

In all the brand new rental homes we offer, the design is clean and contemporary, styled with a neutral palette to suit the wide variety of residents that live in our developments across London. However, while you’re living in a Folio rental property, we want you to feel like it’s your home.

Here are our top five tips on decorating and styling your rental home without blowing your budget or jeopardising your deposit – it’s all about the five L’s!

  1. Linens:
    One of the easiest ways to put your own stamp on your rental home is with luscious linens; these could include bedsheets, curtains, blankets/throws and some funky cushions and other fabric accessories. A gorgeous set of bedsheets will lift a room, and adding a selection of cushions will make it feel more homely.  Seasonal, summery colours can brighten the room all year round and make you feel like you are on holiday the second you walk in the door. If your apartment is furnished, and you want to add your own touch, a fabulous fluffy throw and some co-ordinated cushions will bring your sofa to life; a throw also has the added benefit of giving the sofa a layer of protection over the fabric.
  2. Lighting:
    You might not be able to change the positioning of your ceiling lights, but whether its lamps, lanterns, candles or a statement pendant light you can control the mood in your home easily and stylishly through additional lighting. Scented candles have the added benefit of filling the room with a warm glow, and a fragrance of choice too, which could evoke a memory of a special holiday or reminiscence of your childhood.
  3. Life:
    Bring your life into your new house – what better way of making yourself feel at home than adding some personal history to your walls?  Pictures of your friends and loved ones are sure to put a smile on your face. Art gathered from travels, photos of friends and family, or simply something you’ve liked and bought walking down the high street last week – memorabilia is precious and should be shown off. Adding your style will help to personalise your rental home without having to paint or wallpaper, adding colour and vibrancy to walls or shelves easily and quickly. A mismatched collection of frames, with a variety of colours, styles and shapes can make a quirky feature wall which is easily removable at the end of your tenancy- just make sure that you use nail-free hooks!
  4. Look down:
    Don’t neglect your floor! Whether the ground beneath your feet is wooden, laminate or carpet, putting something of your own over it adds your own design without taking up any physical space in your home. A statement rug, for example, can change the whole aesthetic of your room as well as keeping the floor scratch-free, or a welcoming doormat can protect from the outside elements. Covering the floors also protects it from spills and scuffs, and as a result helps to protect your deposit too.
  5. Less is more:
    Renting a new build apartment such as those on offer from Folio London provides a blank canvas for tenants, and can make the temptation to fill it even greater. Just remember the golden rule that less is more when it comes to home furnishings. Accessories should be stylish, blended and not overdone.

Think strategically when decorating, and you can save money by using features with dual-purpose. For example, a giant fabric panel could have two functions: it glams up your room and can be a statement headboard. It is affordable and can be swapped if you change your mind in a few months’ time. It’s also one less thing to pack when it’s time to move out!

If you’re on the hunt for a new rental home, Folio London has a fantastic range of properties across the capital, in a range of sizes and styles to suit all tastes and budgets. Find out more about our rental properties on offer.

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